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The 10 best construction apps for were selected by experts and contractors just like you. They reviewed everything from the best estimating app to best project management and mobile task management and more. Learn why Autodesk BIM , DEWALT Mobile Pro, e-Builder, JobFLEX, and others made the list for Built mobile first, Contractor WorkZone is a free simple job management app built just for electrical contractors. With our easy-to-use business tool, easily access everything you need to know for every electrical contracting job while in the field, or even on a computer. The electrical contractor software to run your entire business is the. Built mobile first, Contractor WorkZone is a free simple job management app created for electrical contractors. From estimates and quotes to daily logs, purchase orders, change orders, invoices and more, our app automates your everyday tasks. Stop wasting time chasing project information, go digital Read more about Contractor WorkZone.

Best Construction Apps - Reviews, Pricing & Demos

Tom Zind Jan 16, Head down, palm up. Electrical professionals are joining the wireless mobile fray, e-mailing, texting, navigating the web, and using the ubiquitous apps that deliver quick answers, manage and customize information consumption, and hasten communication.

Now, with information at their fingertips, electrical pros at all levels are armed apps electrical contractors ever more powerful on-demand IT capabilities. Tasks that used to demand laborious hand calculations or time-consuming diversions to consult hefty code books — and the conveyance of information via face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, and e-mails that are becoming the equivalent of smoke signals as expeditious means of communication — are being sped up and simplified.

Yet 44 said they never did. The uses vary, but all are seeing benefits. Electrical service providers to residential and commercial markets are sending more workers apps electrical contractors the field and arming more project designers with mobile devices that amount to another tool in the toolbox. While the degree of reliance on apps that perform calculations and facilitate communications varies, more electricians and contractors are at least assessing apps and mobile device functions that in the right hands can produce more efficiencies.

Apps that deliver quick answers to questions on sizing, design, product selection, critical values, Code requirements, apps electrical contractors, simulations, and other key variables are finding favor with electricians like Brandon Birdsell. A journeyman commercial electrician with Bosley Electrical Co.

From iBend Pipe used to figure conduit bends to Elec Ref that calculates values for typical variables like conduit fill, apps electrical contractors, feeder size, apps electrical contractors, ground sizing, voltage drop to Electrical Calc that serves as a comprehensive resource needed for complex jobs, the apps Birdsell uses are helping him navigate jobs more quickly and confidently. Rather than having to consult the NEC and make calculations, he can quickly activate a pertinent app, plug in values, or consult tables and have at least the shape of an answer needed to move ahead.

I come out looking like a professional pipe bender without spending time racking my brain figuring out the math. Apps like this allow us to get started more quickly or get estimates to customers in a much apps electrical contractors efficient time frame. Some electricians and contractors are starting their foray into calculation apps by looking for those that meet a niche need.

With the company heavy into the residential construction market, Hillebrand rates some, such as Electrical Pro, as good supplemental tools, apps electrical contractors. Service providers also are tinkering with more general-purpose apps that enhance and expedite the important information-sharing and communications aspects of their businesses, apps electrical contractors. Apps that create, capture, massage, and deliver documents, data, and visuals more quickly are being adapted for use in the field and other work stages.

Hillebrand uses apps like CamScanner, which converts digital images of handwritten paperwork to PDF documents, and Documents To Go, which enables smartphone viewing of Excel and Word files. These, combined with a smartphone digital camera, enable quick relay of information from the field. Birdsell has grown fond of JotNot Scanner Pro, apps electrical contractors, a document conversion app he uses to transform sketches, paper notes, and diagrams to jpeg, pdf, or Word files that can be more readily shared.

Simply capturing a digital image of the handwritten product via the app eliminates the additional step of translating that information into an e-mail, apps electrical contractors, he says.

Though their work environments are different, engineers designing and building electrical equipment and installations are using mobile IT for many of the same reasons as contractors and electricians. But their interests may skew more toward apps that aid component selection, consulting code requirements, and even providing remote control and monitoring of client installations.

Chuck Arthur, vice president of Arthur Engineering, apps electrical contractors, Inc. An emerging apps electrical contractors are those that streamline product selection and deliver product data specs. In his design engineering role, Arthur likes the timesaving attributes of apps that enable quick referencing and calculations, and is eager to expand their use. But a functionality gap he sees with some favored apps is the inability to produce a log of activity, apps electrical contractors.

He also likes an app associated with AutoCAD WS, which is handy for ready viewing of project schematics, though the best apps electrical contractors for that is a larger-screen tablet device rather than a phone.

Everyone may know what wire size is needed for a A service, for instance, but there are apps electrical contractors oddball sizes where you may have had to guess. Now the answer can be at the tip of your fingers.

Being engineers, both Bender and Arthur are also intrigued by exploring an expanding frontier of mobile device and app functionality: remote control. Arthur also is monitoring progress by companies to develop mobile app versions of database-driven, apps electrical contractors, web-accessible control and monitoring systems for industrial environments.

Such a dashboard-style app could redefine the concept of total control, he says. Apps like C-more Remote HMI that provide a range of monitoring and control capabilities from an iPhone or iPad would offer another affordable layer of flexibility and protection for critical, high-value power systems.

In power environments where a unique challenge is apps electrical contractors and maintaining a multitude of dispersed assets, mobile IT conveys some distinct advantages that electrical professionals are starting to appreciate. He recently used that same app, along with an infrared camera and data logger, to verify the need to replace a drives-controlled rooftop HVAC unit.

That app, used in tandem with specialized conduit bending and sizing apps, has proven to be a powerful resource as he traverses the campus to maintain, repair, and assess electrical systems. It has proven especially helpful as a quick electrical math resource in the course of performing preventive maintenance on electric motors, lighting systems, and other assets. In Riverside, Calif. The process starts with an RPU app utility customers can download to their smartphones.

But not all electrical industry adaptations of IT tools are the result of such well-laid plans. After getting a point of view camera as a gift from his son, he had the idea to mount it on an extendable hot stick and use it to inspect hard-to-see spots at the tops of electrical poles.

Across the electrical construction, design and maintenance spectrum, wireless mobile devices seem poised to play a more important day-to-day role. As reliance on mobile devices grows, some special safety concerns arise with their use in the electrical work environment. Two stand out: inattention to surroundings and blind reliance on calculation apps. If devices are increasingly valued for their communication and apps electrical contractors app powers, job-site restrictions on their use could ease, possibly resulting in more instances of potentially dangerous divided apps electrical contractors. That number crunching is much easier with apps, but that in itself poses a safety concern.

Namely, greater reliance on calculation apps that may not account for special circumstances and apps electrical contractors availability to underqualified or less-seasoned workers who may not know the math behind the answers.

App accuracy also can be a concern, which argues for using apps initially as a verification tool, apps electrical contractors. How electrical contractors, engineers and plant facility personnel are using mobile apps on the job and in the field.

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Find the best mobile apps for electrical contractors. Read user reviews of leading Electrician Apps. Free comparisons, demos & price quotes. Tools & Apps Home / Tools & Apps; Electrical contractors count on NECA to deliver the industry’s most up-to-date technical guides and online tools. Best Practices Database - Browse best practices, policies, procedures and agreement language collected by the NECA Labor Relations Office from local agreements from around the country. Scope: electrical installation of a gas processing plant located in Colgate, Oklahoma. The scope involves installing underground and aboveground conduits and cable tray, fabricating and installing unistrut racks and junction boxes, pulling wire and terminating, installing tubing, devices and transmitters.