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Mobile Repair Solution Malaysia Sdn Bhd - 34 Jalan Penguasa, U1/53B, Shah Alam, Malaysia - Rated based on 9 Reviews "Very polite staff and /5(9). Our award-winning screen cleaners are safe for all devices, eco-friendly, non-toxic & best of all resists fingerprints. Get WHOOSH! Clean now. Jun 29,  · patterned cleaner cloth for mobile phone or glasses Gently wipe your phone with the cloth up and down the screen. Use the dry corner of cloth to remove any excess moisture on your Kyli Singh. touch screen cleaner

Microfiber attracts and removes unwanted oils and dust, where other products can simply spread them around. To clean your display, turn off the screen as this allows you to see the dirt and grime better. Move the cloth in a horizontal or vertical direction repeatedly. First, turn off your smartphone and remove the battery if possible.

When a microfiber cloth is out of the question — and you need to clean your screen quickly — a strip of Scotch Tape or another type of adhesive tape can work wonders. Just stick the tape to the surface of the screen and peel it off to remove any unwanted dirt and grime. All-in-one cleaning kits come with everything you need to keep your phone reasonably clean, and even give phone screen cleaner malaysia some tools that can help you keep it clean on the go too.

This kit from Tech Armor does just that, including our old friend the microfiber cloth, two cleaning solution sprays in different sizes one for home, one for awayand a set of 20 double-strength cleaning wipes too.

Over the years, we have seen some liquid solutions that are designed to clean and protect screens. You can think of it as liquid glass for your smartphone or tablet. The PhoneSoap Charger has two UV-C lamps that produce a specific wavelength of light, which penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, phone screen cleaner malaysia, allowing you to destroy them.

Cases have all sorts of additional benefits as well; lots of them have an additional rim around the edges of the camera lenses and display, keeping those areas from dirty surfaces.

They also have the advantage of often offering additional grip for your fingers, thanks to the soft or grippy material many case-makers use. And of course, they help protect against bumps, drops, and scratches. Not every cleaning method is created equal, and unfortunately, there are some methods that you should definitely avoid.

Still, more often than not, these are just glorified versions of alcohol and water. The diluted mixture may still harm your phone, however. Never wipe or clean your smartphone screen with paper towels, facial tissues, phone screen cleaner malaysia, or coarse cloths, as these have a high risk of scratching the surface. These scratches can build up over time and may render your touchscreen non-responsive or useless down the line.

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phone screen cleaner malaysia


Mobile Repair Solution Malaysia Sdn Bhd - 34 Jalan Penguasa, U1/53B, Shah Alam, Malaysia - Rated based on 9 Reviews "Very polite staff and /5(9). Give your phone screen a spring cleaning: How to make a touchsreen shiny again There’s no sense in spending $60 or $70 dollars on a “smartphone screen cleaner,” when using a little water Author: Mark Jansen. offers smartphone screen cleaner products. About 80% of these are cleaners, 1% are detergent. A wide variety of smartphone screen cleaner options are available to you, such as mobile phone, computer, and camera.