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Xperia Z3 Compact user guide – Transferring contacts. To import contacts using Bluetooth® technology. Make sure you have the Bluetooth ® function turned on and that your device is set to visible.; When you are notified of an incoming file to your device, drag the status bar downwards and tap the notification to accept the file transfer. And supposed that you want to transfer photos from computer to Sony, you can also upload the images on computer to the cloud server and then download them to your Sony device. Move Images Between Sony Xperia and Computer by Copy & Paste. The traditional way to move photos between Sony Xperia and computer is copy & paste. Chinese Character Input and Keyboard This sound like a simple question, but I have tried pressing the text box method and nothing happens. I cannot get the Chinese keyboard to appear on my Acro S or my Xperia V.

Sony Xperia Backup: Backup Data from Sony

There are several ways to transfer contacts to your new device. You can sync contacts from an online account or import contacts directly from another device. You may not need your old device. For iOS devices, you can connect directly to iCloud or use a local backup. For previously owned Sony devices you can use local backups. There are several other ways to transfer contacts from your old device to your new device. For more specific information about transferring the contacts from your old device, refer to the relevant User guide.

You may lose information or get multiple contact entries if you transfer contacts using a SIM card. Help us improve our website. Answer a few quick questions to evaluate your visit. Start the survey No thanks. Close Sony xperia chinese copy. Phones Phones.

Smart Products Smart Products, sony xperia chinese copy. Accessories Accessories. Tablets Tablets. Find Created with Sketch. Show all products Caret down. Show less Caret up. Show all 10 products Caret down. Show all 89 products Caret down. User guide Getting started About this User guide. Screen protection, sony xperia chinese copy. Starting your device for the first time. Device security Making sure your device is protected. Screen lock. Unlocking your device automatically. SIM card protection.

Finding the identification number of your device. Finding a lost device. Learning the basics Using the touchscreen. Locking and unlocking the screen. Home screen. Application screen. Navigating applications. Shortcuts and folders. Background and themes. Taking a screenshot. Icons in the status bar. Application overview. Battery and maintenance Charging your device. Battery and power management. Updating your device. Maintenance using a computer. Storage and memory. Backing up and restoring content.

Downloading applications from other sources. Internet and networks Browsing the web. Internet and MMS settings. Sharing your mobile data connection. Controlling data usage. Selecting mobile networks. Virtual private networks VPNs. Synchronising data on your device Synchronising with online accounts. Basic settings Accessing settings, sony xperia chinese copy.

Volume settings. Do not disturb mode settings. Screen settings. Application settings. Resetting your applications. Language settings. Date and time. Super-vivid mode. Enhancing the sound output. Noise cancellation. Multiple user accounts. Typing text On-screen keyboard, sony xperia chinese copy.

Entering text using voice input. Editing text. Sony xperia chinese copy the on-screen keyboard. Calling Making calls. Receiving calls. Ongoing calls. Using the call log. Forwarding calls. Restricting calls. Multiple calls. Conference calls.

Emergency calls. Contacts Transferring contacts. Searching and viewing contacts. Adding sony xperia chinese copy editing contacts. Adding medical and emergency contact information. Favourites and groups. Sending contact information. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application.

Backing up contacts. Messaging and chat Reading and sending messages. Organising your messages. Calling from a message. Messaging settings. Instant messaging and video chat. Email Setting up email. Sending and receiving email messages.

Organising your email messages. Email account settings. Music Transferring music to your device. Music home screen menu. Sharing music.


Transferring contacts – Sony Xperia Z3 Compact support (English)


sony xperia chinese copy


The official Sony Mobile Communications website: Xperia smartphones, Smart Products, apps, accessories and more. Please help us improve our website. Take our customer survey to evaluate your visit. It should only take a few minutes to answer five quick questions. Just click the Launch survey button at the end of your visit to begin. Oct 21,  · A brand new, tuned up Sony Xperia Flagship! Sony Xperia Z1: lpgs.ga Xperia Z1 Camera Shots: lpgs.ga Sony Xperia Z Review: htt. Part One: Backup and Restore Sony Xperia Data with Sony PC Companion. Sony PC Companion is a tool and application package provided by the Sony Company. With it, you can update device software, backup the phone, transfer content from an iPhone to an Xperia phone, and so on.